Gio Group brings a reservoir of experience in helping organizations (law firms, professional service firms, corporations and nonprofits) generate growth. We support clients in areas beyond their technical skill sets. A highly skilled accountant or information technology leader may not excel at building effective work teams. A successful attorney may lack the know-how to attract new clients. Managers may struggle with meeting the expectations of a new generation of workers. Nonprofit board members may have a strong network but lack the confidence and skills to fundraise.

We support our clients in six core service areas:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing and Selling to the Hispanic market
  • Client Satisfaction and Service
  • Professional Development
  • Stress Resiliency
  • Organization Alignment

Gio Group does this by:

  • Assessing the current state and clarifying your future goals
  • Leveraging what is working and identifying what need to change to meet your strategic goals
  • Providing the necessary interventions that may include training so people have the right skills, coaching to change behaviors and manage stress, facilitating groups to ensure alignment and process improvement so the right processes are in place for future growth and success
  • Executing strategies and tactics so they are seamlessly integrated into the everyday work of both individuals and the organization.