Alignment within your organization has a direct and indirect influence on your bottom line and your competitive edge. Aligned organizations excel at both tactics and strategy. Aligned organizations include every facet of the value your organization provides to clients, staff/employees, vendors, alliance partners, community contacts and referral sources. Gio Group provides services to enhance organization alignment. A few of those services are listed below.

Adapting to Change

When organizations decide to change their paradigm and find a new way of operating, getting peoples’ buy in and support of the change is critical to the change’s success. Change is not optional, and change is neither good nor bad. It is often a matter of how people look at it. People can choose to be proactive or reactive, to fight or flee, to become despondent or optimistic, to resist or accept. Gio Group provides approaches to dealing with change and suggests strategies to communicate that change that includes educating people on the change taking place, accelerating their buy in to the change and integrating the “new way” with minimal disruption to clients and productivity.

Improving Processes

It is critical that the processes and people who bring in the work and service clients are aligned. If your organization includes well-established processes and peoples’ buy in and provides your workforce with the appropriate tools and training, alignment will naturally happen. Otherwise, these disconnected systems will result in damaged client relationships, a dissatisfied workforce, operational inefficiency and unmet financial projections. Gio Group can assess your current processes for generating new business, managing the work and servicing clients to achieve future growth. Gio Group can also determine how well people are communicating and executing processes and provide strategies and tactics to strengthen alignment between work groups.

Transferring Knowledge

Knowledge that is not shared or leaves when people walk out the door puts organizations at a disadvantage. A competitive edge is gained by sharing best practices within a group and across different geographies and ensuring critical knowledge is not lost when people leave. How does a relationship partner who has serviced a key firm client for twenty years transfer those special nuances concerning decision makers and client information to others in the firm? Knowledge transfer is a conscious strategy that uses defined approaches to help information and know-how flow to the right people at the right time. Gio Group can assess, design and execute a knowledge transfer strategy to ensure explicit knowledge or difficult-to-transfer information and best practices are shared and available to others to enhance productivity, improve efficiency and retain key client relationships.

Facilitating Meetings and Retreats

Gio Group helps its clients prepare for meetings by showing them how to lead groups to reach successful conclusions. Facilitation begins with interviews to understand the culture and current state of the organization and develop a strategy to achieve mutually agreed-upon meeting objectives. Gio Group participates in designing agendas and acts as a meeting facilitator to keep sessions moving in desired directions and ensure objectives are met. Facilitation includes counteracting negative participant behaviors that impede group progress, facilitating participation, ensuring meetings result in clear deliverables and summarizing key points. Finally, we collaborate with clients to create action plans that focus on specific goals that are outcomes of the meeting.

Enhancing Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the state of mind that clients have about your organization when their expectations have been met or exceeded. Strong client satisfaction leads to loyalty and a continued relationship. Gio Group can design and execute a blended satisfaction program that includes phone interviews and an online/paper survey with clients, along with recommended strategies and tactics that can serve as a catalyst for executing a growth strategy. Team members are then trained in client service skills that align with the organization’s strategic direction and clients’ needs.