Baby Boomers, born between 1944 – 1964, are redefining retirement and view retirement differently than previous generations. People are living longer and are seeking meaning and fulfillment in this life stage that can span 10 to 30 years. Retirement is a process not an event, is a time for deeper personal reflection and growth and is unique for everyone. People may exit the workforce completely or rewire multiple times in retirement after the “first retirement event” that can include starting a new career, working part-time, returning to school, becoming an entrepreneur or living for an extended time in another state or country.

We are told to save for retirement when we enter the workforce and employers provide financial resources and conversations that are dominated by financial discussions. Baby Boomers are seeking resources on the social, emotional and personal side of retirement, not only from their employers but also from their financial advisors.  Offering nonfinancial retirement coaching and workshops to employees and clients can be mutually beneficial. People who are considering retirement become more comfortable and have greater peace of mind with this transition into the next stage of life, which in turn, improves productivity, engagement and satisfaction. Wealth management clients value having a nonfinancial retirement plan that will complement their financial plan.

Individual Coaching, Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Gio Group provides coaching to individuals, offers workshops using The Retirement Success Profile (RSP) and partners with wealth managers, financial planners, family offices, bankers and other professional service providers interested in offering this service to their clients. Clients can complete the RSP as far from retirement as 15 years, as close as a few months from retirement or as a retirement refresh if they are currently retired.

The RSP is a scientifically designed, valid and reliable assessment of answers to 120 questions that measure 15 retirement success factors such as health perception, life stage satisfaction, replacement of work, life meaning, adaptability and work reorientation proven to be critical to understand and prepare for as you transition into this next phase of life. During an interpretation session, clients receive a 23-page report and gain an understanding of their strengths and focus areas they may want to spend more time preparing for, such as leisure interests, family and  relationships and attitude about retirement. Coaching sessions are available to work on areas of concern to close the gap between where individuals are currently and where they would like to be that can lead to a successful retirement transition and fulfilling lifestyle. Couples may complete the RSP and participate in joint coaching sessions.

Nonfinancial retirement planning workshops are also available. Participants complete the RSP in advance of the workshop, receive their profile and participate in small-group and large-group discussions and work individually on exercises to enhance their awareness in this stage of life.

Gio Group’s popular 60-minute guest speaking topics include:

  • Creating a Retirement Lifestyle Plan that Complements your Financial Plan
  • Introduction to Nonfinancial Retirement Planning
  • Understanding Retirement as a Life Stage Transition
  • Defining and Finding Work in Retirement

Professional Service Provider Partnerships
Gio Group partners with wealth managers, financial planners, accountants, bankers, family offices, attorneys and insurance representatives interested in offering the Retirement Success Profile to their clients as well as professional  associations interested in offering nonfinancial retirement planning to their members.