Generate Growth

Build Your BookNo organization can prosper without developing business through expanding existing relationships and attracting new clients and customers.

Gio Group trains, consults and provides ongoing counsel and coaching to individuals on how to identify, cultivate and secure new business relationships and expand business with existing clients. Whether it is delivering an introduction of who you are and your firm's value, meeting prospective clients or making a formal pitch, success depends on having a process, establishing success indicators and effective communications and relationship building skills. Gio Group has the experience and knowledge to maximize your relationship-building skills that can generate revenue.

Specifically, Gio Group's Generate Growth support helps clients to identify their target market, create a unique value proposition, learn relationship-building activities, maintain readiness to seize opportunities for transforming prospects into clients and expand business with existing clients through cross-sell opportunities.

Gio Group also applies the Generate Growth framework to teach nonprofit board members and development staff to accelerate fundraising efforts and strengthen their relationships with prospects and donors.

Generate Growth in the Hispanic Market

Paula Giovacchini, using Gio Groupís proven sales and client service framework, Generate Growth, and Laritza Lopez, President of Purple Group, a marketing communications and advertising firm that leverages its marketing and cultural expertise in the Hispanic market, have teamed up to provide sales and client service training and consulting to organizations that want to market successfully to Hispanics. Gio Groupís and Purple Groupís combined expertise will help you to understand the Hispanic culture and develop how-to strategies to build relationships with Hispanic buyers, prospects and clients, a growing target market, projected to triple from 46.7 million in 2012 to 132.8 million in the United States by 2050.

Team Alignment during Pitches

A pitch can be as formal as presenting your services and capabilities as a team of five to an audience of five or as informal as a lunch meeting. Both require planning and managing not only the content and process of the meeting, but also the climate of the meeting. Gio Group introduces tactics on how to maximize your team's strength regarding content (issues your audience is facing and how you can help) process (establishing roles and maximizing the timeframe) and the climate or environment (ensuring team alignment and understanding non-verbal behavior).

Client Satisfaction and Client Service

Client satisfaction is the state of mind that clients have about your organization when their expectations have been met or exceeded. Strong client satisfaction leads to loyalty and a continued relationship. Gio Group can design and execute a blended satisfaction program that includes phone interviews and an online/paper survey with clients, along with recommended strategies and tactics that can serve as a catalyst for executing a growth strategy. Team members are then trained in client service skills that align with the organizationís strategic direction and clientís needs.